Hello! My name is Maggie McCrory. I started this blog in 2015, my freshman year in college one random day.

I felt God calling me to step out of my comfort zone and share what He was teaching me/doing in my life. I finally did it. I made this little site to share with you.

I see this blog site as an extension of my testimony. God has shown me love through His son, Jesus, and He has changed me completely. I want everyone to experience this love.

It is my hope and prayer that Christians would be encouraged to know Jesus more deeply and that non-beleivers would come to know Christ through reading what He has been teaching me most recently.

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  1. Gigi says:

    I am sure you do not know me from any other nurse who shared care under the charge of your father. But I’d like to feel I’m different-although truly there are many like me. I returned to nursing school later in life-saying all that to say this-how beautiful his care to to patients was, how beautiful his devotion to his calling as a doctor was, how beautiful was the balance he displayed,. Yes all this and more is true for many-but for me specifically-how beautiful his patience was when I was a new nurse, knowing nothing of the true craft of L&D, how beautiful were the opportunities he offered to me to learn alongside him in both a hospital setting as well as the clinic., how beautiful it was to witness him pray with his patients-prayers from his heart-how beautiful to see his face light up and his voice become animated as he shared stories of his fabulous family-he was so very proud of each and every one of you. How beautiful to leave such a legacy. But-there’s more-my mama passed away at the time I worked at the clinic-like your experience with your dads passing-it was devastatingly beautiful. She was well into her 80s and had suffered many strokes. But she was still “my mama”, and she was gone. Your daddy gently reminded me over and over of the impending reunion that we would someday enjoy in heaven. Just that phrase, spoken over and over, helped me see the physical promise that I knew in my heart to be true. Maggie I share these wandering sentences to offer you assurance and comfort-your daddy gave life to Gods promises each and every day and he would be so proud to know you are doing the same here through your words. Thank you for sharing you daddy with so many. He was a blessing and a joy-as your words are now.

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